Create a workable Marketing Strategy to suit your budget

(You’ve got to spend money to make money)

Connect with your target market

(Without becoming a stalker)

Get people talking about your brand

(In a good way)

About AMP

AMP Consulting is a small agency specialising in meeting the marketing strategy, implementation and maintenance needs of small to medium enterprise. All companies need to address their marketing strategy no matter how big or small but for most businesses this does not warrant a full time position or employee.   We fill this gap – you pay for the hours worked and we represent your company as its marketing management team. We help you minimise time spent learning ‘The hard way’ and save you from wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns. In other words we help you spend your marketing budget on what works without the feeling that you are throwing it into an advertising black hole and hoping for the best!


It’s all about service

AMP Consulting services include:
•    Marketing strategy and budget creation
•    Marketing strategy implementation
•    Marketing Strategy maintenance
•    Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram)
•    Hand holding, spoon feeding, basic marketing education AND we are the people you can refer all those annoying advertising and sponsorship proposals to – we handle it for you.

Dynamic Duo

Kim – Owner, strategist, in charge of hand holding, clarifying confusion and overall person that the ‘buck stops with’.  Kim has a Degree in Public Relations Management and has been marketing for SME’s since 2002.

Carmen – Since 2013 Carmen has been a Social Media manager, perfectionist and Google research guru.  Carmen is just bursting with passion for what she does and most importantly, for YOUR company.

We like working with…

Castle Graphics are Kim’s first choice when it comes to printing – Castle Graphics is based in Northgate Island and are fantastic on all levels concerned – service, print quality and affordable pricing.

Andrew is Kim’s go to when professional photography is needed.  Good images are an essential part of any businesses marketing communication. Andrew is great at taking product, portrait, group, corporate, event and sport photography.  Andrew is passionate about his craft and a perfectionist when it comes to getting the right shot.  You can expect amazing end results at an affordable price.

MK Digital presence has developed many of AMP Consulting Client websites – Melissa specialises in digital marketing when it comes to being found on Google.  MK Digital Presence services include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the management of Google Adwords, website development and maintenance. Melissa offers an affordable and personal service.  Kim and Melissa often collaborate on joint client websites and even share an office based on the large cross section of shared clients!

Some of our clients